Our listing of Obsolete Butler Panels is available to help professional contractors and builders find important information for their Butler Building renovation projects. This list contains all discontinued panels and a majority of the parts that were manufactured before 2014. Click the links below to see the panel specifications to ensure that you have a Butler Building.

Although we do not have any discontinued parts, we can help you determine if the use of our Stacked Wall system would be a good option. A stacked wall system consists of two different wall panels that run the length of the wall and are separated by a horizontal base trim. It allows you to keep the undamaged “upper portion” of the existing wall panels and replace only the damaged “lower sections” of the building. This is commonly called Z Flashing. This system allows for two different panels styles to act as one wall system. It also provides an attractive appearance and works as an effective barrier against the elements. For more information about our Stacked Wall System and which of our panel profiles are available with this system, please click here.

If you are unable to repair your pre-engineered building, we are happy to assist you with a quote for a new building. Please contact us for a quote.

Listing of Obsolete Butler Panels:

Obsolete Panel-Frame Panel

Obsolete BRI Profile

Butler Rib Cross Section Profile

Obsolete M-36 Panel

Obsolete Monopanl

Obsolete Panel Stone

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Although obsolete parts are inevitable, the employees of the company are ready to assist customers with their projects. Butler Manufacturing Company is a leading supplier of building systems and specialty components. For nearly 120 years, the name Butler Manufacturing has been synonymous with innovation. The company pioneered the start of the global metal building industry in 1901 when they challenged the status quo. Today, they are an extremely versatile and experienced company focused on providing high-quality commercial and industrial metal building systems that continue to break the mold.


butler feed grain bin is an obsolete butler part

Butler experienced success in the 1900s with their grain storage bins.