Having a Hard Time Finding Matching Wall Panel

Matching wall panels are hard to find for old prefabricated buildings? Do you need to find a wall panel that will match obsolete wall panels for an older building that needs repair? Damaged wall panels on pre-engineered buildings can lead to the replacement of the entire structure. This is time-consuming and a huge financial burden for the building owner. Avoid these problems with the Butler Buildings Stacked Wall System.

What is a Stacked Wall System

A stacked wall system consists of two different wall panels that run the length of the wall and are separated by a horizontal base trim. It allows you to keep the undamaged “upper portion” of the existing wall panels and replace only the damaged “lower sections” of the building. This is commonly called Z Flashing. This system allows for two different panels styles to act as one wall system. It also provides an attractive appearance and works as an effective barrier against the elements. If you are having a hard time finding matching wall panels, the Butler Stacked Wall system will provide you with a great solution!

use butler stacked wall system when matching wall panels is not possible

Butler Building Stacked Wall System

butler stacked wall specs help when having a hard time matching wall panels

Butler Stacked Wall Specifications

Three Aesthetically Pleasing Styles

Three types of wall panels that work with the Butler Stacked Wall repair system are the Shadowall Panel, the Stylwall II Flat Panel, and the Stylwall II Fluted Panel. The Shadowall panel has aesthetic appeal and modular installation. The modular styling allows easy replacement of panels in high abuse areas. The Stylwall II Flat panel and the Stylwall Fluted panel have sleek architectural styling. The panels create a uniform, unbroken assembly with its concealed fasteners. The interlocking panels also protect the fasteners from the elements. Clean lines make both of these styles the first choice of high-end retail or commercial customers.

Cost Comparison: Full Wall replacement versus Stacked Wall modification

Damage on engineered buildings normally occurs on the bottom of the wall system. One can often find the damage approximately 6″ to 7″ above the finished floor. To illustrate the financial advantage of the Butler Stacked Wall system, consider two repair options for a 60 ft. by 20 ft. building with obsolete wall panels. Option one shows the estimated costs associated with installing a completely new wall. Option two shows the estimated cost to replace the bottom panels only using the Stacked Wall system. Replacing the entire wall costs a staggering 132% more than the stacked wall option! There is no need to purchase a lot of materials. No need to rent aerial equipment. And the time and labor needed to install the wall panels is greatly reduced. Repairing walls with the Butler Stacked Wall option has economical and aesthetic advantages. Please see the chart below outlining the options and contact us if you need help estimating the cost of your next project.

options for finding matching wall panels

Price comparison of Complete Wall replacement versus Stacked Wall modification.