Stylwall II Fluted


Stylwall Fluted Profile

The StylWall II Fluted Wall system features an attractive embossed, box-ribbed wall system with concealed fasteners for a consistent appearance.

  • Attractive broad-ribbed design and embossed pattern produces interesting shadows and consistent texture.
  • Special joint design allows panels to “snap” into place, allowing the joint to be hidden deep within the recess of the box ribbed design.
  • Can be combined with other Butler wall systems or brick, glass, and other conventional materials.
  • 16” panel width, combined with the side “return leg,” enables application of almost any conventional finish on the interior of the wall system.
  • Can be easily insulated with a wide variety of insulation systems – batt, blanket, or rigid board.
  • Available in embossed stock Kynar finish colors.