Do You Know How to Identify If You Have a Butler Building?

It is important for you to know how to identify if you have a Butler Building. Butler Parts Online is an authorized supplier of Butler Building components only. We do not carry panels from other building manufacturers, therefore we will unfortunately not be able to help you with your project. To save you time, we have identified the top ways to identify a Butler Building.

Unique Features of  Butler Buildings

How to Identify If You Have a Butler Building with their blue oval logo

  1. A Butler Building will have an emblem along the building ridge or on one of the gable trim locations. Butler’s emblem will look similar to the oval logo shown above.
  2. Compare your wall or roof panel profile to the available Butler Roof Panel Profiles and the Butler Wall Panel Profiles to determine if you have a match.
  3. Check the dimensions of the panel you have to Butler Building panels. Many of them are unique in the industry. For example, the flute of the Butlerrib II wall panel is a full 1 ½” deep. There are no other ribbed wall panels on the market that are more than 1 ¼” deep. Use the list below to check the dimensions of our roof and wall panels.
  4. It is important to note that, even if you have determined that you have a Butler building, there may be obsolete panels and parts that we will not be able to supply. Click here to view the Obsolete Butler Building Panels.


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We want to make certain that we are not wasting the time of our customers with discussion over parts that we cannot supply. To help facilitate an efficient transaction, we would like to help our prospective customers determine if they, indeed have a Butler Building and are in need of parts.

If you have a Butler Building, we look forward to helping you. We have Expert Services for quick delivery, great prices, and speedy quotes. Over 30 years of Butler experience and expert customer service is behind our top-rated industry buildings and parts. If you have questions, please contact us at Butler Parts Online.