You are repairing your Butler MR-24 roofing system and you want to make sure you get the seam just right to ensure the longevity of your new facility? No worries, the Butler roof runner has the solution for you.

Butler pre-engineered roof and wall systems utilize a four-stand, roll-forming machine called the roof runner to create a weather-tight seam between panels. This seam is the same seam that is found on top of barrel drums and is one of the tightest seams in the business.

The MR-24 Roof Runner originates in Sweden and has been used in various areas of the globe. Volvo manufacturers have utilized the machine in their industry to seam halves of gas tanks together!

How does it work? When the roof runner is connecting to wall or roof panels, all four of the stands in the machine bend the seam 45 degrees until it forms a complete 180 degree locked seam. The builder laps the attachment clip to one side of the panel. As the panels are joined, it rolls up and the tabs get rolled inside, which holds the roof down to the structural system. Within that joint lies sealant that helps keep that seam weather-tight.

Below is demonstration of how the MR-24 Roof Runner functions and a look at the seam it creates: