MR-24 Eave Trim

Eave roof trim for the MR-24 Roof System

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MR-24 Eave Trim is an attractive option to finish a high or low side roof eave. MR-24 Eave Trim is available in all of Butler’s standard stock colors, allowing you to customize the design to suit you or your customer’s unique requirements.

Butler’s MR-24 Eave Trim packages vary depending on the following variables:

  • Roof Slope
  • High Side Eave VS. Low Side Eave
  • Wall Panel Underneath The Roof Panel
  • If A Soffit Condition Is Present

Please give this information to your Butler Parts Online sales representative for an accurate quote.

Click the link below for a schematic drawing of Butler’s MR-24 Eave Trim:

MR-24 Eave Trim