Something as simple as the utilization of a particular sealant can help ensure a longer life for your roof system.

The three main components of butyl tape sealant are butyl rubber, chalk or talc filler and a softening medium. What sets Butler Panlastic butyl rubber sealants ahead of the rest?

Butler sealants contain a higher percentage of butyl rubber than any other product you can buy on the market. The higher percentage of butyl rubber, determines the elasticity of a sealant, which determines the quality of the sealant.

In the video (below), an expert runs a simple test to show the recovery of both the standard sealant and the Butler sealant. Butler’s sealant recovery is over 80 percent!

Why is the recovery percentage important to know when purchasing your sealant? The recovery is directly related to the elasticity of the sealant. The elasticity of the sealant is what determines how long it will stay pliable between two pieces of steel.

How can you be sure you have the correct amount of sealant? As stated in the video, when the Butler sealant is manufactured, small nylon spacer beads or cubes are embedded in the sealant. These beads help to ensure the correct amount of sealant is used upon assembly. Additionally, these beads help to account for temperature differences. Regardless of what the temperature is when the sealant is being installed, the beads will seek the correct thickness every time.

Butler Panlastic helps ensure high quality and longevity by creating a weather tight MR-24, VSR and Butlerib roof system for your facility.