The upcoming spring is a welcomed relief from the cold, winter weather.  As the snow begins to melt, be sure to inspect your building for damage and performance issues.  Repairing relatively minor issues today can prevent those issues from becoming larger, more costly problems tomorrow.

Key areas for your springtime inspection should include:  

Spring Building Inspection for Winter Damage

Snow often causes water to work its way into the mentioned areas and the subsequent freeze-thaw cycle damages various components, allowing water to enter the building.

Also be aware of any damage to the lower portion of your building’s wall. During winter, snow removal equipment tends to hit this area and may damage the wall panel and base trim.

In preparation for next winter’s weather, many customers choose to have additional gutter hangers supplied with their replacement gutter to prevent gutter pullout and collapse from high snow loading. You may want to consider adding a snow retention system to protect people and equipment from dangerous snow and ice avalanches. can supply you with genuine Butler brand replacement parts and the consultation necessary to bring your Butler building back to optimum performance.